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1. Hate speech, racism, harassment of any kind or starting drama will not be tolerated.


2. Disrespecting any staff will not be tolerated.


3. Spamming of any kind including staff applications, ban appeals, etcetera is not allowed.


4. Cheating or exploiting of any kind is prohibited.


5. No inappropriate names, skins, builds or reactions to messages/announcements. (Setting your nick as the name of a staff member is not allowed).



6. Advertising other servers is not allowed.


7. Do not mass mention any staff member, and only ping them if it is required.


8. Keep discussions on topic according to the channel.


9. Do not DM any staff member for support or questions unless otherwise stated. The best thing to do is to create a ticket over at the #support channel.


10. Staff members reserve the right to enforce additional rules as they see fit.


(Use /rules in each game mode for server specific rules).